lil buddy PRO1 heavy duty

Feature Overview

  • Our exclusive design enables a single technician to remove and replace autoglass quickly and safely.
  • Optional passenger side mount makes the lil buddy™ PRO1 more versitial!
  • Inlcudes a heavy duty sliding rod to handle the weight of commercial trucks & vans, RV windshields & backglass.
  • Built with stainless steel and heavy duty plastics for a lifetime of use.
  • Features a new clearly defined measuring system.
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lil buddy junior suction cups

Feature Overview

  • Each cup holds up to 70 pounds!
  • Specifically created for the Lil Buddy auto glass tool, but useful for all applications.
  • Allows a single technician to easily maneuver, and accurately position replacement auto glass.
  • Easily secure grip by rotating handle 90° into lift position.
  • Multiple visible indicators on warning valves and locking latches ensures a proper seal to safety lift load.
  • Quickly release seal by pressing locking latches inward.
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WRD Spider Wire Cut-out System

Feature Overview

  • Winch with cutting line attaching hole & rollers allows safe & efficient removal without contacting the vehicle.
  • 6" Vacuum cup with 70 lbs load capacity.
  • Angled shaft with 1/4" hex for quick connection to the cordless drill.
  • Liner guide keeps the cutting fiber line in the optimal position.
  • Guide pin allows for reverse direction removal.
  • Pressure release tab for easy access to remove pad.
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You Asked — We Listened

We have changed the auto glass industry with our one man windshield and back glass installation tool, and followed with our no-pump suction cups, the Lil Buddy™ Junior. The exclusive patented design of the Lil Buddy™ PRO1 enables you to lower auto glass into the urethane without removing the suction cups from the glass.

All models now offer a heavy-duty sliding rod to handle the weight of the commercial vans, recreational vehicles and semi-truck windshields and are specially designed for the Lil Buddy™ Junior Suction cups, which come in the new Lil Buddy™ PRO1 deluxe kit.

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Stronger, Faster, Better Looking, and NO Pumping

Introducing the Lil Buddy™ Junior Suction Cups for all applications. These cups are great with with the Lil Buddy™ PRO1 Auto Glass Handling and Installation tool, but can be used with any installation tool. When properly operated, they retain a secure grip on one side of the windshield so the technician can easily maneuver, and accurately position a replacement windshield.

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Lil Buddy™ Deluxe Kit

Our Deluxe Tool Kit contains everything needed for a single technician to easily maneuver and accurately position a replacement windshield.

Includes two Lil Buddy™ Junior Suction Cups and Lil Buddy™ PRO1 Kit.
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