About Lil Buddy

Lil Buddy is a company that specializes in creating innovative tools for the automotive glass repair industry. The Lil Buddy™ PRO allows a single technician to remove and replace both windshields and back glass quickly and safely, at any location.

Our History

In 1999, Kent Mayhugh began developing a prototype tool, which would become the original Lil Buddy™ model after five years of development. With 35 years of experience in the auto glass industry, Kent realized the significance of the tool as a solution for both small and large auto glass repair companies to improve revenue and reduce work related injuries.

Less than two years later, the Lil Buddy™ PRO was released and improved upon the original tool by supporting windshields and back glass for commercial trucks, recreational vehicles, van windshields and back glass.

The end of 2008 featured the release of the Lil Buddy™ PRO1, which added a clearly defined measuring system, heavy-duty sliding rod, and a driver or passenger side options to the series.

Our newest tool, the Lil Buddy™ Junior, was released in early 2009. Designed for use along with the Lil Buddy™ PRO1, these suction cups require NO pumping, retain a secure grip with a visual indicator, hold up to 70 lbs. each, and can be used for all applications.

Innovation & Development

We are committed to delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and high quality products. Our products feature a durable, heavy-duty construction and are made to handle even the largest commercial vehicles on a daily basis. They are thoroughly inspected, and are backed by our one year warranty. Our dedication to design allows us to provide our customers products at a great value with the option to upgrade to newer models with more features. If you currently own a Lil Buddy™ PRO you can upgrade to the Lil Buddy™ PRO1 at a fraction of the cost of buying a new tool, while enjoying all of the same benefits.

Our Mission

After providing over tens of thousands of tools to the international auto glass industry, we continue to focus on providing the same product quality and exceptional customer service.

Our product support section contains helpful information listed below. Please contact our customer service for additional help.
• Streaming & Downloadable Videos
• Product Manuals
• Video Tutorials & Measurements for Problem Vehicles

Occasionally we travel internationally, however, we routinely travel across the United States frequenting Auto Glass Industry Expos and Conferences during which any customer can contact us to schedule a training session in advance while we are in your area. Visit our News & Events section, sign up for our newsletter or contact our customer service for up-to-date schedule information.


Recent News & Events

  • Lilbuddy Will be in Canada, Long Island and Airzonia  
  • Lilbuddy has moved to its new location! Please call , 414-975-8008 or 414-698-4900!!
  •  Lilbuddy now Sells the Mongoose on Pre Orders  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See the viedo on the home page

  • Lilbuddy now sells the Ambush
  • Our New Fax Number: 715-335-4847
  • If you are making a international purchase please check out through paypal only and if you are making a US purchase you can check out through paypal or the credit card.
  • Lilbuddy now sells The Sting Ray, The Ambush, The Big Dog, 18 Volt Express tool, 360 Express, The Python wire cut out tool.
  • Credit card checkout now available!
  • Lil buddy Receives Patent Number!
  • Events Schedule
  • Lilbuddy would like to thank everyone who came and visited me at the booth.   It was sure nice meeting new customers and visiting with old.   
  • Lilbuddy will be in July 17 thru July 20 Germany
  • Lilbuddy will be in Mexico August 28 thru Sept 4
  • Lilbuddy Will be in Florida  Oct 4 thru Oct 9
  • Lilbuddy will be in Jeky Island Ga March 1 thru 5
  • Lilbuddy will be in Florida July 26 thru 27
  • Lilbuddy will be in Clifton New Jersey July 29
  • Lilbuddy will be in New Jersey July 30 
  • Lilbuddy will be doing a lot of travel this year so stay tuned for more dates.   Every month we will be somewhere.
  • Look for new products in 2017
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